The Third Anniversary


The Third Anniversary : The Development Status and Future Planning of KMOSE

Today, Fun Core Technology and its KMOSE brand announced the good news of their third anniversary to the world, and moved to Shenzhen Uniwalk Qianhai, the world's largest e-cigar manufacturing area.


Two point, revealing the development status and future planning of the 3rd anniversary of KMOSE.

How to summarize the development of KMOSE on the occasion of the third anniversary? In 2019, KMOSE was established with the vision of creating ration-level atomization products. In the past three years, KMOSE has been working around adhering to quality priority, maintaining brand innovation, and shouldering social responsibilities, bringing high-quality products to the atomization market and users.


Adhere to quality first. The structure of the atomizer is the core of the product, and the continuous iterative product system ensures that the quality of KMOSE has been stable at a high level. Before the promulgation of the new regulations in 2021, KMOSE announced that its self-built GMP 100,000-level dust-free fully automated production workshop was officially put into use.

Keep the brand innovative. In 2021, KMOSE will carry out a comprehensive upgrade of its brand image, including the upgrade of brand VI and store SI. Among the current brand colors of black, white and green, KMOSE orange is unique. In terms of products, KMOSE PRO uses a circular breathing lamb, and KMOSE MAX adopts a contrasting color design, which has attracted many young users through a series of brand peripheral products. Take corporate and social responsibilities. As the foundation of its business, KMOSE has established a strict K-shield plan in protecting minors, in order to implement the purpose of prohibiting the sale of electronic atomization products to minors.

KMOSE development strategy of 2022 kMOSE has always adhered to the market strategy of "grasping with both hands" at home and abroad. Domestically, KMOSE will continue to create compliant products for the policy, while optimizing market channels, and implementing the K-Shield plan to strictly prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.

In 2020, KMOSE has begun to vigorously expand its overseas sectors. Currently, it has a certain market share in Europe and Southeast Asia. At the end of 2021, the overseas disposables market grew rapidly, and KMOSE also took advantage of the momentum to enrich overseas disposables and accelerated the pace of overseas market expansion. In 2022, KMOSE will increase its efforts to devote itself to overseas markets, deepen the research and development of disposable products, and build a complete product matrix for overseas markets. It is expected to participate in 9 overseas exhibitions this year, and it has participated in the American Electronic Cigarette Exhibition in January. The overseas revenue is quite large, and the promotion for the North American market has received all orders. In the future, KMOSE will also improve the product line reserves in various overseas regions and expand sales channels in broader overseas markets.