KMOSE Airborne at Luoyang Dream Music Carnival


From May 2nd to 3rd, 2021, the Dream Chasing Music Carnival was grandly held in Luoyang, the ancient capital of Henan Province. Top artists Joker Xue and After Journey showed up.

The new generation of e-cigar brand - KMOSE, is also attracting much attention. As the only cooperating e-cigar sponsor at the concert site, KMOSE brought a new product to the scene and presented a gift to the majority of music fans. A feast for the senses of hearing and taste.

On the music festival venue, which was transformed from an old abandoned factory, the Dream Music Carnival held a wonderful presentation of music, vision, art and exhibitions for 2 consecutive days. This time, KMOSE, which was airborne at the Luoyang Dream Music Carnival, set up its booth in the event display area at the main entrance of the venue, attracting many live audiences to watch and punch in. At the booth, KMOSE displayed the newly released high-end cartridge replacement product KMOSE MAX, KMOSE SE which is just 49 RMB, and new pod flavors: Ice Mint and Mixed Berry.

"Good taste, choose KMOSE" The variety of pod flavors and the high-reduction taste have always been one of the reasons for the deeply love by consumers. And all of this is due to the strict control of the product quality by CMI. Under the guarantee of the CMI 6S atomization preservation system, we continue to innovate and create new products that are favored by many consumers.