KMOSE Has Been Awarded The Most Popular Brand of The Year


The User's Answer Is The Key

The 2nd session of Blue Hole Electronic Atomization Summit has ended successfully in Shenzhen Marriott Hotel of Nanshan on 13th Nov. KMOSE has been awarded the most popular brand of 2021. The founder, Mr Huang, has been invited to the live for sharing a theme of ‘The Electronic Atomization 2.0’.

How to sell electronic atomization products legally and create compliant products?

With the summit of "New Compliance, New Journey", KMOSE is always thinking ‘ how to sell electronic atomization products legally and create compliant products on the background of tightening global regulation? We can see the rapid development by atomized producing from development of cigarette, so if it needs the same automatic upgrade for electronic atomization?

The user’s answer is the key

With the analyzation from a large amount of data from offline users, ‘There’re two factors that most affect users to choose a brand, quality-safety and consumption cost.’, the founder Jack Huang said. Quality and safety are divided into two categories: the first category is the composition of e-liquid. Everyone is skeptical about the chemical components added to e-liquid, and currently there is still a lack of relatively authoritative e-liquid production specifications in the domestic market. Then is the issue of production safety. Irregular production environment and improper operation of production personnel will cause the e-liquid to be unclean and contain impurities. In recent years, the raw materials of Shangyuan have been rising, and the cost has been increasing. Many brands have passed on the excess production costs to consumers through the increase in product prices.

KMOSE fully automated production line

The quality, cost and time in production will become more and more important in the future, and high-speed automated production should become the focus of enterprise planning. So we have invested funds to upgrade the independent workshop. On 1st Nov., we announced that the self-built GMP 100,000-level fully automated production workshop will be put into the production of atomizer bombs. The founder Jack Huang said there are three advantages for automated production, productivity efficiency, quality standards and production costs. At present, the production capacity of a fully automated production line is 2-3 times of manual production, and the machine can run 24 hours a day, it can be flexibly adjusted. Automation is a very standardized production method, with fixed production standards, it contains dust-free workshop, double inspection of camera quality inspection + manual re-inspection that ensures product quality. De-manualization reduces production costs, and it can bring higher quality and cost-effective products for the market and users. The three most important elements of a product: quality, safety and price have always been the most concerned by users. As a fully automated production that can improve quality, ensure safety, and reduce prices, it may set off a trend of production upgrades in the industry in the future, as advocated by KMOSE. In the era of electronic atomization 2.0, let’s wait and see.